Mastering and Re-Mixing anyone?...

Enhancing, polishing, fattening up, tweaking, making louder, compressing are some of the terms used when people talk about mastering an already recorded and mixed CD. 

Mastering is the final process which your sound recording will go through before it is ready to be duplicated or even played on mainstream environments such as radio or TV Broadcasting. 

Aston End Sound Recordings has a fantastic mastering and re-mix suite for all final adjustments your recording may need.  The mastering process will turn your mixed CD from dull and bland to loud (yet still dynamic) and full of life.  We achieve this by using high spec equalization and compressors.  The engineer will normally charge per song (track) and will only need a 44.1khz sample rate (a CD of your original recording) version of your music to start.  

We can master your songs from only £25 per track. Please contact us for more info.

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