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Who are we

Aston End Studios houses two relaxed, friendly and professional boutique sound and video production studios; based in the rural villages of Aston and Little Wymondley, Hertfordshire only 25 miles from Central London.

My name is Martin and I am the owner and in-house engineer here at the studio.  My main services here at the studio include Vocal  and Music Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Professional Audio Book Recording and Gift Day Experience Recording,   I can also provide full live sound, video production and AV production for your event.

My music recording, mixing and production expertise is for solo artists, groups and bands within the genres of Acoustic, Folk, Rock/Indie, Pop, Classical, Musical Theatre, Gospel and piano/musical instrument recordings.

I welcome you and your project to our studio and hope the website gives you an insight to how we can help you!

The recording studio

A creative air-conditioned space fully equipped with great audio kit for you to record and produce your music/project.

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Gift days

Treat yourself or a loved one with a unique recording studio experience cutting your very own record. We offer a 12 month valid gift voucher. A truly fun experience.

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Meyer Street Records

Our in-house music producer will work alongside you to produce your sound recordings and music production.  Ideal for aspiring artists and music producers who want to take their songs to the next level.  For all info, please get in touch and lets chat!

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Video production

Make use of our in-house video production suite and film making experience. From music videos to conference films!  We can record and produce a high quality video for your project in-house and/or on location!

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Clean, warm and crisp audio for all your voiceover needs. Whether you are making a full audiobook recording or voiceover recording for film; we can record, edit and produce it here in the studios perfectly treated isolation booth.

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Have a fresh, experienced set of ears mix or master your project. Our in-house mixing and mastering suite is ideal for all mainstream release projects.

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The recording studio

Our boutique recording space offers the perfect creative facility to record your music or voiceover at affordable prices. We are a small studio which can deliver a very large and vibrant sound. Every recording is different and our in–house producer/engineer Martin will help you achieve exactly what you want from your recording, whether it be a demo for showcasing your music for future gigs/record labels or a produced album ready for mainstream release – we can produce it.

The studio consists of a control room, separate live room and a isolated vocal booth, perfect for audiobook recording and singing recordings, which are all patched into the control room. If your recording project is large, for example an orchestra, then we can arrange a location recording to suit, but then returning to the studio for mixing. We house a wonderful selection of microphones, outboard kit (including Neve 1073 and Universal Audio 6176 & 710-D) and vintage Marshall & Vox guitar amps too which patch into our analogue and digital recording system.

Current main technical kit in the studio is: Pro Tools, Genelec/Yamaha monitoring, Neve, Universal Audio and DBX mic pre amps.  Tegeler audio, TLAudio and SSL compressors/EQ.  Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Rode, Electro Voice, Beyer Dynamics and Shure microphones.

For more information about using our sound recording studio services please contact us and we’ll be in touch with you asap to discuss your project. After all, it all starts with a chat!

“A truly great recording set up, friendly and amazing sound!”

You’ve got a project, we record it!

Gift day studio recording experience

The experience of recording in the studio is any singer or musicians dream. Stepping out of the bedroom and instead singing in the professional studio is certainly a fabulous way to encourage and fulfil those steps towards becoming a recording artist.

Since the revival of talent contests like X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent; more and more people are realising they can sing too. Maybe a family member or friend of yours deserves a unique and fun day out to enjoy their singing?

The gift recording sessions are for two hours and depending on time, you can record up to two songs to your own supplied backing tracks.  If you play an instrument and prefer to record that instead with singing, that’s fine too!

Your ‘Gift Voucher’ is valid for 12 months too, so you have plenty of time to get practicing and learning the lyrics/notes of the songs you wish to perform.

We always hear the quote “Thank you, we have had the best time!” after our gift clients finish their session. Its makes us very happy as a studio to know that the gift sessions we offer provide that wonderful experience to singers young and old.

Our gift recording sessions are relaxed, fun and will be a musical experience that will never be forgotten. For booking your ‘Studio Gift Recording Voucher’ which is valid for 12 months, please make contact and we will be happy to help and book your studio gift session!

Studio Hire Rates

Music Recording Sessions

For solo artists, bands, choirs and groups

£70 per hour

  • Studio hire and equipment
  • Engineer/producer
  • Audio editing
  • Audio mixing
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Gift Day Experience Voucher

Ideal for a fun and unique experience


includes 12 month valid e-gift voucher

  • 2 hours studio time
  • Full use of studio equipment
  • In-house engineer
  • Great experience for singers and musicians!
  • Mixed on the day
  • 12 month valid gift voucher
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Voiceover Sessions


Message for costs

Prices will vary depending on requirements.  Tell us about a little more about your project and full requirements; so a recommended quote can be arranged.

  • High end microphones and pre-amps
  • Full use of studio equipment
  • Audio recording engineer
  • Editing and cleaning up of audio
  • Isolated treated vocal booth
  • Remote producers/clients can listen in
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Meyer Street Records

Are you looking to take the next step with your music career and work with a music producer?  Do you want a fresh set of ears to work with you to take your music to the next level?

Meyer Street Records helps aspiring artists turn great songs into great records.  After way over a decade of recording and mixing music for many clients here in the studio and afar, we decided to start our own production service and work with artists to create great music productions.

Martin Van Der Sande, our in-house producer/engineer, songwriter and musician works closely with artists and aspiring artists in our in-house creative space.  Having that extra help, experience and insight from a professional music producer is so valuable to help guide you to that next level of sound.  Simply check out your favourite artist and you will find that behind all great records is a great producer too.  Record Producer Martin, as well as working with many bands and solo artists; had success working and producing ‘Britains Got Talent’ star Gabz who reached iTunes top 3 chart success.

If you have a song or collection of songs; and would like to discuss working with a music producer, then please get in touch and lets have a chat!

“Working with a music producer really enhanced my vision for the album”

Audio production workshops

If you have an interest in audio recording and production, then a very warm audio welcome to our Audio Workshops.

Meyer Street Records offers a unique training and experience into the art of audio and video production. Thinking about pursuing a career in music production and engineering, then our selection of hands on audio workshops are for you.

From learning about the studio environment, running an actual recording session and of course a hands on lesson in studio recording, editing and mixing music. As well as this, our tailored workshops will also give you a full introduction of audio recording and mixing theory and an opportunity for you to be the producer for a professional recording session, working with musicians.

So whether you are considering a career in audio production, want to take your home recordings to the next level or simply looking for a taster audio workshop session before headed to further education, then Meyer Street Records is for you.

For all enquiries into our audio workshops, please contact us for further info!

Recording Studio Sound Engineering Workshops!

Get a hands on taste of audio production to give you a true insight into the world of the recording studio working environment.

Thinking about going to audio college? Well before you go, these tailor made audio workshops could be the best educational booster and investment you ever made! Many of our students simply want to get a hands on feel to the studio environment without the cost and long course times of an audio college/university.  If you have a particular interest in audio engineering and wish to have a bespoke course set out, simply let us know and we can arrange it.

The Mixing Music

One day studio workshop learning to mix a song from scratch

10:30am – 4:30pm

Covering the following:

  • The introduction to mixing
  • Setting up the studio and song for a mix session
  • Mixing techniques and advice
  • Mixing a song from scratch
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The Recording and Mixing

Two day studio workshop with hands on recording and mixing

10:30am – 4:30pm

Covering the following:

  • Microphones
  • EQ
  • Compression and other outboard studio equipment
  • Audio connections
  • Setting up a recording session
  • Recording vocals, guitar, bass, piano and drums
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The Audio Tech and Producer

The ultimate five day audio engineering/production workshop!

10:30am – 4:30pm

Covering the following:

  • Introduction to music recording
  • Setting up a recording session from scratch
  • Producing a recording
  • Recording a song
  • Editing and preparing a track for mixing
  • Setting up a mix session
  • Mixing a song from scratch
  • Audio mastering
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Audio samples

We have put together some audio samples of music and productions recorded at the studio.  Some are medleys, and some shorter edits; so sit back, relax, plug in your nice speakers and have a listen!


From an Oasis rock tribute trio to a full choir we can record and produce music to a very high standard. We house fantastic audio equipment to capture performance and always ensure the recording process is professional and memorable too.

Solo Artists

Songwriters and solo musicians are fabulous to work alongside. Creativity is key and we strive to help make the best possible recordings whether it’s a demo of songs or a full commercial release single/album. The audio sample below has nearly 350k views on You Tube, which we produced for iTunes Top 5 star Gabz here in the studio.

Live recordings

Capturing studio quality audio from a live recording is what the aim is here. Making sure the essence of a live take still remains. Whether it’s for a demo with just guitar and vocal, a piano performance or maybe recording a bands live performance at a show to then sync with video or showcase to labels/venues we can ensure your recording and edit is at a very high standard.


Our voice recording service will leave your production; whether it’s an advert, TV show/film or promotional video, with a very professional sounding recording which is crisp, warm and natural. We house an isolation booth and use a great selection of mics and pre amps for recording.

Music and outreach video production

Contact us for more details and prices

We can create a high quality video production for promoting your talent and message. Whether it’s a live performance, promo video or a directed music video, we can record and produce it!

Voiceover recordings

Record your voice audio product here to then sell to your clients at events or online.

The studio houses the perfect vocal booth with a range of high end microphones suited for audiobook recordings. Clarity is key and we have worked with many businesses, publishers and training companies in the past who have used the concept of ‘Audio Books’ to communicate with their customers and to sell their products online.

The studio also offers a voiceover to picture suite and your team can direct your voice talent remotely too via a video line to the studio screen monitor for an interactive and efficient session.

So whether you want a professional voiceover recording to enhance your film project, an audiobook recording with full editing or maybe you are looking to put together a hypnosis audio series; a successful recording/production will be achieved by using our voiceover recording studio near London.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your voiceover project. Our prices vary in this field of recording, so the more we know about your project the better we can quote for you.

“The perfect booth, microphone and edit for my audiobook.  Friendly and professional service!”


Mastering is the final process which your sound recording will go through before it is ready to be duplicated or even played on mainstream environments. Having a fresh set of ears to mix or master your project is a very usual practice in the music industry.

Enhancing, polishing, fattening up, tweaking, making louder, compressing are some of the terms used when people talk about mastering a mixed piece of music.

Aston End Studios has a fantastic mastering and re-mix suite for all final adjustments your recording may need. With our audio experience and working to your brief, we will listen to the tracks and mix your music for you. Our mastering and mixing process involves a mix of analogue and digital audio processes to make your recordings sound great on all platforms. Prices are from £95 per track.

Say Hello

If you’d like to have a chat about an upcoming recording project, book a date or just want to find out more info regarding our audio workshops, why not get in touch.  Our studio locations serve both voice over, gift experience and music production.

We sadly cannot accept any work experience placements at this time.

Aston End Recording Studios
Aston End House
Aston Village, Stevenage

Meyer Street Records
Priory View House
Little Wymondley Village, Hitchin

Please note that visits to the studio are by appointment only, so please contact us to arrange and discuss.  At this time, the studio is not dry hired.  Payments for sessions are made via BACs only and upon booking we will send you all payment details.

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